Talal Waheed

Talal Waheed

Welcome to the professional desk of a leading mentor of Pakistan, helping his clients achieve better results. If you’re looking for an experienced young consultant or a dynamic expert trainer specialized in work force diversity, disability and gender, Human Resource (HR) management, accessibility, assistive technology (screen readers optimization), and project-program-portfolio management; This place is a resource box for you. “I always learned through exploring, sharing, and listening. Help me to learn from you and your organization.”

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Assistive Technology Expert

As an assistive technology facilitator Talal has been instrumental in bringing change in life of young persons with disabilities through using digital devices and services.  Having   trained hundreds of persons with disabilities on the use of assistive technology including JAWS and other assistive technologies as well as use of Braille as tool to support learning.   Talal, s work is driven by  social entrepreneurial spirit , his desire to help person with disabilities lead dignified lives through earning livelihoods with the use of assistive technologies led him to train and place young persons with disabilities through wage and self wage employment.

Talal believes that assistive technologies   can help the youth with disabilities   to access support for learning as well as livelihoods. With his record of achievement and demonstrated success in managing, coordinating, planning and supporting daily operations and administrative functions Talal is recognized as a tenacious problem solver focused on making technology work for persons with disabilities. Being an accomplished researcher who turns challenges into building blocks to learn and master new technologies. Acting as Exceptional mentor and coach, he applies natural talent to translate a love of learning in to a love of teaching, and helping others to learn:

  • Braille Printers (embossers) (printing devices that generate Braille embossed paper)
  • Braille conversion/translation software (Braille software converts electronic texts into Braille printable version, used with Braille embosser/printer)
  • Braille writing frame and machines (Devices for writing Braille manually on paper)
  • Communication apps and software (apps and software that help visually challenge in interacting with others through social media or smart devices)
  • Digital magnifiers (Hand-held Portable devices that display an enlarge image of the selected document/picture, using camera)
  • Smartphone apps (apps that help visually impaired access certain utilities such as currency recognizers, bills readers, shopping item readers on different OS/platforms)
  • Magnification software (Magnification and screen reading software for the visually challenged).
  • Office management software (software for producing official documentation including reports, spreadsheets or presentations)
  • Scanning software’s that provide readable text to visually challenge through performing OCR/ICR on selected image/document)
  • Screen readers (Software that help visually challenged individual’s access what is being displayed on the screen with Braille output, sound effects, and text-to-speech)
  • Speech Recognition software (automatic Software for transcription of spoken content into readable text on a device in real time)
  • Talking calculator and dictionary calculating and learning devices that help visually challenged calculating numbers and learning different languages through text-output and/or sound)
  • Talking Smart Phone/tablet Communication device (used for communication, reading, social media management, and navigation through GPS using different OS/platforms)
  • Braille and Talking watche (Timekeeping device that presents the time in voice or in Braille)
  • TTS Text to speech software (Software that reads selected content)
  • White cane (folding or non-folding stick for navigation or identification of the surroundings)

Humanitarian Professional

Being a humanitarian professional with experience of over 8 years especially in humanitarian response and disaster risk management in highly hazard prone and marginalized regions of Pakistan with national, international and UN organizations. Talal has   deeper knowledge and experience of social interaction with community and Government systems.
His goal is to promote and foster disaster management education and knowledge based on wisdom, competency and research for making the world a safer place to live.
Being focal person on inclusion in the UN cluster system, strategic advisory group   and national DRR forum talal, s role as been instrument in the formulation of “National Guidelines on Mainstreaming Vulnerable Groups in Disasters” by NDMA- Gender and Child Cell. Talal is involved in the comprehensive consultation process and contributed his expert inputs for the development of following national documents. Having also contributed in partnership and build partners’ capacity in emergency response, Inclusion, protection, DRR, preparedness, organizational development, emergency response team and contingency planning.

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